Providing compassionate, empowering, and client-centered pelvic floor therapy services to help you thrive & flourish!


Flourish Pelvic Health & Wellness (formerly Empower Your Pelvis) is a pelvic floor therapy practice dedicated to helping women, especially throughout their pregnancy & motherhood journeys.


We offer pelvic floor therapy services both at our location in Hatboro, PA in the Maternal Wellness Center, or in the comfort of your own home by request.

Flourish Pelvic Health & Wellness was started in February 2020 when Danika realized that there was an issue being able to access pelvic floor therapy when pregnant, as a new mom, or as a mom of multiple children. With so many other appointments to keep track of, having to schedule around naps and lunches and snacks, and find childcare for, pelvic floor therapy should be something that was easily accessible to mothers everywhere.

We offer compassionate, integrative, and expert occupational therapy services to help your pelvic floor & core function as best as possible throughout your daily tasks and goals.



Danika Viola, MS, OTR/L, PCES (she/her) is an occupational therapist who specializes in women's health & the pelvic floor. She has undergone extensive continuing education since 2016 to provide quality pelvic floor therapy services in a functional, compassionate, and trauma-informed way. 

Danika received her Master's Degree in OT (MS, OT) in 2013 from Ithaca College. She has completed advanced post-graduate training and certificate coursework in women's health, pelvic health, and pelvic floor therapy from the Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute. She is also a Perinatal & Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, and provides trauma-informed care.

She became interested in pelvic floor therapy after her little sister had told her how she still leaked 5 years post-partum. Following her first pelvic floor course, she fell in love and decided to utilize her passion and clinical skills to advocate for women's health & work in the lesser known area of pelvic health. She then started to specialize in (and being able to empathize with!) pelvic floor & core function surrounding pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, motherhood, female athletes, etc, and has never looked back!

Danika currently lives in Abington with her husband, 2 young sons, and 2 dogs. She loves hiking and camping, reading, swimming, strength training, and socializing! Her guilty pleasures include Starbucks and ice cream.

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