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Join The Flourish Fam!

A Pelvic Health OT Mentorship

Providing clinical & business mentorship opportunities for occupational therapy students and practitioners who are interested in women's health & pelvic floor OT.

A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself

-Oprah Winfrey

Program Pillars



a person or thing regarded as reliably providing essential support for something



Business Skills

Starting & growing a business is HARD. I didn't go to school for business, but I've learned a lot through trial and error- something I hope to help prevent for future entrepreneurs! I now run a successful pelvic floor therapy clinic.

Clinical Skills

Let's work on improving your clinical skills and confidence in them with video evaluations & treatment sessions, video chats to collaborate & review cases and options for treatments, and deep dives into clinical information!


1:1 Mentorship

60-minute video calls (or in-person if you're local) to provide you with information, education, and give you a sounding board to help get you growing & flourishing!



Evaluation and treatment note templates, case samples, script request forms, and so much more!


Be part of an intimate community of pelvic health OTs who help each other thrive & boost one another up in confidence, skill set, and knowledge!

but wait...there's a BONUS OFFER!

A $50 monthly value!

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With each monthly subscription, you get full access to the EPH Mentor Creative!


Are you ready to invest in your clinical & business skills so that you can confidently provide holistic, functional pelvic floor therapy?

If you're answer is "yes!" or even "hmmm, maybe I am?", then follow the steps below!

(There's absolutely no obligation!)

1. Fill out the mentorship application

2. Book a 15 minute discovery call with Danika

  • Gluteus Minimus

    Perfect for those who just need a bit of mentoring
    Valid for one month
    • 60-Minute Mentorship Call with Danika
  • Obturator Internus

    Every month
    Great for those who want to level up their skills!
    • 60-Minute Monthly Mentorship Call with Danika
    • Access to a private Facebook group with other mentees
    • Documentation Templates
    • Live & Recorded Evaluation & Treatment Sessions
    • Opportunities for Shadowing (if local)
    • Access to Danika via text
  • Best Value!

    Trans. Abdominis

    Every month
    Made for those who are ready to ROCK the pelvic floor world!
    • EVERYTHING in the Obturator Internus Package
    • ***PLUS***
    • An extra 60-Minute Mentorship Call with Danika each month!